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Batang ETH, also known as BETH, is a project initiated to showcase Filipino culture through the art of NFT. The project's name was derived from the Filipino word "bata," which means "kid," and ETH from the short form of Ethereum — a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality. Its first collection supply consists of 5000 generative Batang ETH NFT that are drawn by the inspiration of the great artwork of Azuki. Moreover, the project aims to give children with cancer in the Philippines the help, hope, and heart to live.

BETH is created by ambitious Filipinos who use so-called non-fungible tokens (NFTs) not just to collect and sell digital art on the internet but also with the dream of helping the Filipino community someday. The team behind this project is Founder Nate and his partner Kevin.



“Create and Craft"

To discover, develop, and deliver innovative art that helps artists hone their knowledge and skill, which can bridge them to the metaverse.



“Connect and Empowerment”

Our vision is a world where local artists and NFT collectors come together to support and build rapport with each other. We have the power to further develop and introduce Filipino art to the world.

Core Team


Jonathan Cantimprate

Founder / Head Artist

Nate, the Founder and Main Artist of BETH, is a former Graphic Artist of Banco De Oro and an illustrator at Deviantart. Also, a former Consultant Graphic Designer at JGC Philippines Incorporated.


Kevin Strauss Boneo

Lead Technical Officer

Kevin, the Lead Technical Officer and Blockchain Developer, is a former Software Engineer at RealSoft Inc. He is currently working as the System Administrator and Computer Operator II at his locality.